“Our third winner is Pascual Teotalco. Mr. Teotalco is an American of Guatemalan descent working on a BS in astronomy at Vanderbilt. He is the first of his family to attend university. His intriguing proposal for the Fox Foundation’s Message to the Stars Contest draws on his Mayan heritage.” Dr. Leinster’s voice filled the auditorium at the Arecibo Radio Observatory.

Crossing the stage, Pascual squinted at the few dim figures seated in the audience. He hoped Dr. Giocacci, the Arecibo student internship coordinator, was out there. He suspected his proposal was chosen mainly to add cultural color to Foundation’s pool of winners. Fine with him. He’d entered their contest mainly to win the free trip to Arecibo, and to meet the internship selection committee in person.

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This story was first published in the December 2007 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact.